Say Happy BiRtHdaY To Me ! It"s TodaY ! 29 DeCemBeR 1997 !

Hey, Get Ready For hear My Story :)
Let"s Start .. 1, 2 and go ..
today 29 dicember, it"s my birthday..
so long to wait,i"m 14 years old ..
in My Facebook,
So many people Wish For Me ! Thank You For Anyone who Wish !
Thanks very Much ! Love You Guys :)
My Sister the fistr one who wish..hehhe
so proud.. but...
my friend also wish but..
so long I'm Waiting for my BestFrienDs ..
but they wish for me.. at night...
i"m so Happy ..
and so Proud ! :)
yeah ! thank you..
i love u so much..
thanks to my family also that wish for me ,
and also buy for me food..for special days..
ermm okaylah ..
that all i need to share !
i do not know to talk about what...
i need to sleep !
and i need to rest.. because,
a few days i need to go to school..
so excited..hheee heheh..
PMR2012 ! 8 A ! insyaallah..
i will do my best !
thanks for all today,...
always love my friend, family and all that i know...
and the important is NIKITA WILLY !
:) yeah...
goodnite !

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