i need someone to share ! i need someone ! i miss my friend, i love my friends, i need to meet u all !

are you ready guys ? oh yeah.. let"s hear story ! just enjoy it .
hello and good morning guys ! let"s rock yeah..hhahaaaa...
okay assalamualaikum... hehehe
today i nak share something pasal me and my friends!oh silap my best friend forever and ever!
i love my bestfriends ..i hope if we seperated.. i hope one day we will meet again..
i can"t to leave u.. but...one days.. we will...
i can"t ! please ....
i miss u all ! alwayssssss....
BELLA always in my mind , 
ZAINATUL always in my book..hahah..always in my heart..,
DINAH or FARRA always in my eyes..always see u ..heheh,
or yeah forget that i have another one bff that !!!!
RISSA ! always in my ears.. always hear your voice ...yeahh
pleasee.. i need to meet you kay !
always see your pic, i need you!

kasmarissa or rissa ! 
i love u kay..i never forget u ..u still love me ? no ..ermm..yes! okay.. iknow it okay.
always miss u ! please i need you !

hey zainatull.. or hyomin right ? eeee uuuu...
hahaha.. that time we meet but ... i miss u again...hahah
i know u hate me right? what? u love me...hehehe
i konw that!..
miss u too friends..
always be your friend..
never forget you ..
always thinking of you!
love to meet you !

hello farra ! or dinah ! hey ..
farra.. i love to meet you..
i hope u not forget me okay..
yeahh.. always be friend..
one days we will meet..
always thinking of you..
if u need someone..
i will help you okay!
yeahhh... cewahh.
see down !
always in my heart..farra...

hello bella..oh sorryy.. assalamualaikum.
hey.. i know u love me...
i also love u forever we meet ....
always be number 1 my bestfriend..
okay! yeah..
let"s rock bella..
hehe.. don"t be mad dear..
always in my eyes, ears,and also im my mind..
always bella..
like a song that I NEED YOU!
by randy pangalila and mika tembayong..
just see at youtube kay..
always need you !

That"s all 4 today okay.. if i have time i will post again kay...
all readers have to know..that i never
forget my best friend ...new or old friend..
if u are my friends.. u need to know that i always ...
love u !!!!..
kay bye.. 
i want to sing a song I NEED YOU !..

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